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The Home of Hope is a service oriented effort working in The People's Republic of China.

We welcome people interested in volunteering their service to apply for a "term of service" at our facility in China. 

It is our desire that your visit to China and the Home of Hope orphanage will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.  Your safety and well being is our major concern and in accordance with Chinese law it is also the prime responsibility of the Next Towns Foundation - Home of Hope.

There are many and varied rules and regulations governing the type of methods allowed to serve in China.  There are also reporting agencies the China government requires be notified when visitors come to help in the NTF - Home of Hope.  Consequently it is important the following form be filled out in it's entirety.  Much of the information will remain confidential in the NTF files but some of the information must be reported to the local Security Bureau of China.


Personal Information:            

Full Name: 


Your E-Mail Address:




Phone Number:


Street Address:








Postal Code:


Name of Spouse:


Passport Number:


 Issuing Country:


Passport Ex. Date:


Place of Birth:




Marital Status:


Date of arrival:


Date of departure:


Date of Birth:








Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Education Information:            

Highest Grade:


Special Training:

Religious Affiliation if any:             

Name of Local Congregation:


Congregation Leader's name:


Congregation Leader's    E-Mail:


Congregation Phone:



Congregation Address:  


Purpose Statement

Please write a short paragraph giving the reason why you are visiting the Home of Hope Orphanage:


Please give a short history of your travel experience.  Please include visited countries, short and/or long term service trips and other travel experiences.  Please include a history of all inoculations:

Emergency Information: 

In the event of an emergency please provide two permanent contact sources including complete address and phone number.

First Contact:                                                   Second Contact:


When you have completed this questionnaire please click on the submit button below.  The information will be reviewed and you will hear back from us in a few days.  By submitting this form you acknowledge that you understand and are aware that some common service as we know it in other cultures in prohibited in China and that you will follow the guidelines as laid out for you in your orientation when you arrive at the Home of Hope orphanage.

In conjunction with this form we also need a letter from your home church stating their agreement with your serving here including a statement of your character and standing with the local church body. 

If you are under the age of eighteen we will need a letter from your legal guardian affording his/her/their permission for your service to the Home of Hope.

The above requested letters should be sent to us via e-mail attachment to nbell@homeofhope.org

Thank you for considering the Home of Hope orphanage in your plans.

Blessings to you.

Nathan Bell, Director

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