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Our Current Needs

Monthly Support for 18 of our       children - per child - $108.00

Bulk water storage system with pumps to offset the increasing problem with there being no water for days at a time - $5,000.00

50 Chifforobes (free standing closets) for the children to use for their clothing and bedding.  The ones they are using now are ten years old and in very bad shape.  Each Chifforobe will be used by two children - $100.00 each

Educational funds to pay for the college tuition for our seven children graduating from High School this year - $5,000.00 each

Tuition and Airline Ticket for Hank Cao Hai Kui to attend Seminary in Portland, Oregon - $5,000.00

Van to replace our current one (7 years old now and falling apart - it's on the last leg of it's 3rd engine) which is used daily for buying and transporting children - $21,000.00

If you would like to participate in meeting the Home of Hope needs - any amount, large or small is appreciated and will be used as specified - You can do so by going to our Donations Page or by clicking on the "Make a Donation" link above.

Mission Statement

The Home of Hope Vision is to find and recover as many children as we can who are in stress without parents or any means of support and provide them with a loving home, required medical attention and perpetual care up to and even through the college years until they are able to become independent and self sustaining individuals who can be part of the Chinese society and contribute to the world around them.

The Home of Hope Mission or in other terms, the methods used to accomplish our vision is to network with people across the globe to fund and support the Home of Hope activities in finding and nurturing orphaned and abandoned children who otherwise would have no hope or future and can most easily be explained in the first person... as if you, our reader, are asking the question:


The Home of Hope is a Non Profit organization with no "major" source of income.  We do not receive nor do we solicit assistant from major non-profit entities.  Rather we ask individual people to network with us and become part of our mission.  We ask you to take up our vision with us and become personally involved in the lives of the children.  In doing so you become directly involved in the health, welfare, continual growth and nurturing of the child.  Without individual support and involvement from you and others like you, so many of the children who's lives have been impacted and changed by the Home of Hope would still be out there somewhere, lost, with no hope for their future.


Charity Xiong Hui

          Charity Xiong Hui - Tiny Dynamo
A tiny yet vivacious dynamo of joy, this little one is always happy!  She is very small in stature but naturally brings a mountain of smiles to everyone around her.

Charity arrived at the Home of Hope, July 19, 2007.  She was abandoned outside our gate in good health but with a 'not too serious' cleft palate.  As she grew and developed it became obvious to everyone that in this little life, we had a blossoming persona of "Miss Personality".

You can read more about her on our web site by clicking on her picture above.
Spring Time Gardening
As is the normal routine at the Home of Hope, each Spring the children (most of them coming from villages where farming is the mainstay occupation) get out hoes, pitch forks and other tools and start "hand tilling" the land that is part of the Home of Hope property, designated for growing vegies and such.

The Home of Hope land also includes a small, tillable piece of property about 1/2 acre in size.

The children  love to plant their own vegetables including corn, sweet potatoes, peanuts, various greens and sun flowers so they can harvest one of their favorite snacks... sun flower seeds.
Spring Time Gardening
We are always amazed as they approach the work in their small field as though it is a game and not a burdensome job they have to do.

We have never said they need to make their own garden nor have we even encouraged them to do so.  They all sort of have a little meeting and decide when they are going to start their work and everyone pitches in.  We think they find quite a feeling of success and accomplishment when they finally get to 'taste' the fruit of their labor.

One of the interesting things that happened this year is we said something about the fact that each year when whatever they have planted is ready to harvest, the surrounding neighbors always come and help themselves to the crop.  The response was, "Ye Ye, we must let them share in our garden and if we don't plant our garden, the neighbors will come and eat our land, not just our crops."  What they mean is very simple and is a true situation in China.  If we don't plant our garden, the neighbors will use the land and plant their own crops and from that time on will lay claim to that land each year as their own land for growing things and we won't be able to use it any longer.  So Interesting.

Spring Yard Cleaning
    While some of the children were working in the vegetable garden, many of the other children were cleaning up the Home of Hope yard.  They picked up sticks and dead tree branches felled by the winter winds; rocks that had appeared from nowhere and other debris that had accumulated during the winter months.

They then built a fire outside our perimeter wall to burn the trash.  Once all the trash had been accumulated and the fire was burning the kids sat around the fire and told stories and talked while waiting to change places with the children working in the vegetable garden.

All in all it was a very enjoyable yet productive weekend.

Spotlight on Morris Xiong Hui
Morris Xiong Hui
Morris Xiong Hui has just started showing real development in that we can begin to see what his little personality is going to be like.

No longer just eating and sleeping he is now at the stage where he is walking and getting into everything.  You can see the little biscuit he has in his hand...  Morris has already learned where the kitchen is and has learned to go tot he kitchen door and beg and plead until the kitchen staff break down and give him a snack.

Morris has a common cleft lip and cleft palate condition and will be having his first surgery in May.

For those who are observant, you may have noticed that Charity and Morris' names look the same when written in English.

However, the Chinese characters are very different.  The "Hui" character used in Charity's name refers to the female gender and means 'kind' or 'considerate'.  The "Hui" character used in Morris' name means "bright" as in 'bright sunshine' or a 'bright light'.

Holly, one of our older girls, has taught Morris how to say "Mama" and at night he will lay in his bed and call out "Mama, Mama" keeping the other children awake. The nursery nannies, though thinking it was cute at first, now wish Holly had never taught him to do that!  So cute!

You can see more information on the Home of Hope and our children, needs and plans by clicking on one of the links to the left, above under "Quick Links".

Thank you so much for your prayers, heart and financial support for the Home of Hope and the needy children of China.

Nathan and Shannon

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