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1 - Wang Lu Yao - Then (2004)
2 - Wang Lu Yao - Today (2010)
3 - Spotlight on "Beau"
Wang Lu Yao - Then
- 2004 -

Wang Lu Yao - ThenAs we were opening the 2nd (XuZhou) Home of Hope 2004, we came across this little girl who was obviously in need of help.  The Chinese doctors had done all they could for her and had basically given up.  We were able to find medical help for her in the USA.  See the article on the right for how she is today.  You can also see more information about her on our website by clicking on her picture above.
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Wang Lu Yao - Today (2010)
Wang Lu Yao Today (2010)March 30, 2010 - We received an update from Andy Friedmann about his (now formally adopted) daughter, Wang Lu Yao. (Lu Yao is the little girl on the right in the picture to the left.)  We wrote and asked Andy for permission to share what he wrote with our supporters, many of whom were instrumental in helping Lu Yao eventually get to the States for additional treatment. 

Andy agreed.  Part of what he wrote is as follows:

"2010 is a big year for Lu Yao!  This spring will mark the fifth anniversary of her arrival from China.  During this time, she has tackled cancer, become fluent in English, learned to dance and play the flute, and been officially adopted into our family.  When asked to provide free care to an orphan from China, several other centers in the United States declined, but the Mass General Hospital for Children (MGHfC) graciously accepted her.  My wife, Alison, was Lu Yao's oncologist when she first arrived.  Shortly thereafter, her role as oncologist was exchanged for that as mother, and we have been blessed to have Lu Yao with us ever since."

In Andy's response to our request, he also wrote:

"Hi Nathan,

Please, by all means use the photograph.  We are deeply indebted to you for finding and saving Lu Yao.  I hope someday that you will get a chance to meet her.  I think you'd really like what you see.  Sorry I am not a better correspondent.  I get a bit overwhelmed at times between work and three kids, but will try to do better.

Did you know that Lu Yao is becoming quite an accomplished flute player and dancer?  She seems quite talented in both regards - her teachers love her.  She's also a very affectionate daughter and sister.  A great kid, all in all.


You can see more about Lu Yao on the Home of Hope website at: "Lu Yao Revisited"

It warms our heart to see how tenderly God looks on his children in need!  Wang Lu Yao's story is one of many!  None are the same, but most are similar.  Lu Yao's is truly one of a major miracle that literally spanned the glove from China to the United States.
Spotlight on "Beau" Xiong Zhuang
Beau Little Beau is a lovely little guy.  The reason he was abandoned is he has no ear openings and has only little 'nubs' for ears. 

We have been told that when he is around seven years old and after tests, he can have the ear openings, opened so he can hear better.

Beau can hear now but of course due to the blockage his hearing is limited.  His problem has no impact on his charming personality and charm!  You can read more about him at our website.
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Thank you so much for your prayers, heart and financial support for the Home of Hope and the needy children of China.

Nathan and Shannon

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