Home of Hope Orphanages Issue No. 1
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Dear Friends,

This is the first of future informational e-mails we will be sending out to bring our Home of Hope family, supporters and 'children sponsors' up to date on the current events and needs.

Our intentions are to produce these periodicals on a monthly basis as a condensed version of our web site updates for those who don't have the time to visit the web site on a regular basis.

We hope this is beneficial to you and offer it as a token of our deepest appreciation for your love and support for the Home of Hope children.

A little history:

As many of you know, during the Chinese New Years, the police brought us a newborn, abandoned baby.

Due to our having a reduced staff during this time (many of our children with distant relatives or good friends like to return to their villages to visit for a few days) Shan and I brought "Jonah" Xiong Ke to our house and we cared for him until the staff returned.

Nathan and JonahA short time after the children and staff returned, Jonah came down with a high fever and was admitted into the hospital.  He was in the hospital for about two weeks with Septicemia.

Jonah Today - Six Weeks Old:

Jonah Xiong KeIt has been some time since we had such a small baby in our nursery.  With some of the previous Nursery Nannies having either changed jobs (two moved to the kitchen) or having left the Home of Hope, it was almost as if this was a completely new type situation in the nursery.

We had to re-write the nursery procedures, make new feeding charts and list all the various things demanded by new borns which the "now getting older" nursery babies don't require any longer.

After Jonah returned from the hospital and even while he was in the hospital, he developed a slight problem with choking which keeps everyone on their toes.  The doctors say he will grow out of it as time passes, which we pray will happen soon.  He is so tiny (though chubby) and seeing a little one choke at all is a really frightening experience.

It has been nip and tuck for awhile with this little guy,  but he is now back in the Nursery and so far is doing good.  We request your prayers on the behalf of little Jonah.


We currently are in dire need of sponsors for forty-four of our children.  If you feel you would be interested in helping in this way (either partially or the full amount for a child) please check out our 'Sponsor A Child' page.

You can also make a single or repeat donation by either using PayPal or your credit or debit card on our secure Make a Donation page.

We so appreciate all of you who are stepping up right now to "fill the gap" that has developed with the downturn in the economy.  That situation, coupled with the major inflation that has hit us here in China, has made it necessary for this type of appeal.

Thank You so much with a grateful heart. 
Nathan and Shannon Bell
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About Us
The Home of Hope Orphanages - China, founded by Nathan and Shannon Bell under the umbrella of our parent organization, Next Towns Foundation, Inc. (USA - also founded by Nathan Bell) is one of a very few foreign-run orphanages in China. Through a remarkable series of events (you can read all about how it happened in the story archives) we have been given the opportunity to love and care for the homeless children in three locations now, Gongyi, XuZhou and our newest location in PingYu.

The Future

We have been contacted by the government officials of KaiFeng China who have asked us to consider starting Home of Hope number four in their area. We currently plan to start negotiations with them once the PingYu facility is up and running. The need is great.
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